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How To Get The Best Value Out Of Your Instrument Rental

Instrument rental has been around for many years and has helped countless struggling families afford to learn their favourite piece of musical equipment. For just a couple of dollars a week, you can get your hands on a quality instrument that could cost several hundred, if not several thousand, dollars to buy outright. But for some people, this cost can still add up to be a bit too steep to justify. Luckily there are several other avenues you can take that make instrument rental even more affordable. Here are a couple of tips and tricks to getting the best deal you possibly can.

Second Hand

Most instrumental rental businesses have a large collection of second-hand instruments, from flutes and recorders to the mammoth double bass. Choosing to rent a second-hand instrument will further lower the cost (often by about a third or even more) for virtually no reduction in quality. Instruments are meant to be used for many years and at most these second-hand options might have a year to two of use under their belt. They are also always refurbished and checked for flaws before they are put back into circulation, and if you have any problems with them, you can get a refund quite easily. 

Combine And Save

If you have a few children who all want to learn an instrument at the same time, then renting all your instruments at the same time in a bundle can save you cash. Often instrument rental contractors will offer you a discount when you rent in a package. If you can't find an option for combining your instrument rentals then put it off (if you can), as many instrument rental places put these deals out around holidays to drive up business. You can get very favourable rates at these holiday times, and what better time to get these instruments than at the holidays anyway?


There are multiple vendors who offer instrument rental around Australia, and they are constantly in competition with each other to offer the best and most affordable price. If you notice that one is offering a much better price than the others on a particular instrument then message the others and ask if they can beat the lower price. You might be surprised at just how many responses and better deals you end up getting. Most instrument rental places want to get as many people on a contract as they can because they simply don't make any money without their base expanding. This means they are happy to take a small financial cut if it means getting a new revenue stream, which is great for you.